Just had a random thought!

After checking my Facebook page and trying to get my book info out there for everyone to see, I noticed that alot of people still read books. I am talking physical, hold in your hand, flip the pages books. I absolutely love, love books. I have had up to probably 3 large bookshelves full of them at one time. I now have a nook and I don’t know what I would do without it, but even after getting it I still had shelves full of books. I couldn’t and didn’t want to let go of them. It didn’t matter that they had been sitting there for a few years, collecting dust and the only times I touched them was when I put them in a box and took them back out again when I moved. Finally, in an effort to get rid of clutter and stuff that just took up space…I got rid of my books. It took going through them 3 and 4 times, trying to weed out the ones that I really, really wanted to keep and those that could go. I sold off two of my complete series sets on Ebay and believe me, I did not want to part with those, but for the greater good I did. Then I finally got rid of all the others, except for one set that is one of my favorite paranormal series. When a new book comes out that I just have to read, or it’s a long awaited, next in the series book, sometimes my fingers itch with the need to turn those pages.  I walk down the book isle at Wal-Mart and feel the pull. I see a new book cover that catches my eye and I want pick it up and take it home with me. Then I think…I don’t need this, just go home and download it. Yay technology! But I still long for the written word on paper.


One thought on “Just had a random thought!

  1. Yes it seems like there is nothing better than book in hand. But I am slowly creeping towards the technology age.

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