Writing Pains…

You know, one of the hardest things about writing, besides the writing is finding cover art. Not just any cover art will do. You want it to portray your storyline, or at least I do…and here is where I am really picky. A picture has to catch my eye and when I look at it I want to be able to feel the emotions of my characters. It has to live up to the title and story and it has to make me feel good as an author in that I picked well. Alot of my favorite authors talk about a muse and the way their characters talk to them as they tell the story. I haven’t had nowhere near the experience that these wonderful authors have had, but I have to think that maybe they are onto something. When the words in my head are moving faster than my fingers, or like I said, when I see a particular picture, are my characters speaking and letting me know what they want? Or is my imagination that good? Who knows, but I would like the think that the characters are as real to me as they will be to the reader.


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