Writing and Music

I have read posts by authors talking about the music they listen to while writing. Music gets you in the mood to write, or it reflects the characters thoughts or feelings or it just relaxes and helps to open the mind to the flow of writing. I love music and I have made song playlists for my first two books. When I listen to the songs I feel the storyline and know that I have made the right choices. However, when I am writing I have found that I need quiet. It sucks really, because like I said I love music. Truthfully even sitting here, writing this post, I have to take out the earbuds and think about what I am writing. It’s not that I can’t multi-task, I can, but when the music is good and it’s blaring right into my ears, I want to sing along instead of concentrating on each word I have to type. So I listen to the playlists when I am not writing, hoping that when I get around to it the words will flow like music in my head.


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