Hello Once Again!

Hello once again fans and readers alike! It has been awhile. I have been working on the 3rd book in the Death Walker Series – Deadly Darkness. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am looking forward to seeing the end result. I also have been playing tourist here in Columbus, taking pictures and visiting places that I haven’t ever visited even though I have lived here a long time. I am also trying to change my lifestyle. I am trying to eat right, exercise and overall change my bad food habits. This year will be a great year. I have just submitted book 1 and 2 to Amazon and hope to see them live and available soon. If I would have known it was so easy I would have done it long ago instead of waiting for smashwords to fix whatever glitch they have going on with Amazon. Anyway, here is to the year 2012 and all the wonderful changes to come.


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