Welcome to 2013 Readers – Book Update!

Truly I am not very good at this blog thing. I will admit that. I am lazy about updating and checking on things every day. I can go days and never even check Facebook. It’s hard enough to keep up with everyday life and the things that capture my attention. FB, blogging and the like is really low on the totem. Although, before I even created this blog I debated with myself about it. I knew beforehand that I probably wouldn’t update it every day, but I wanted to create my own blog/space to advertise my books. This year however I will try harder to keep up and update the status of things more often.

Now that I have said that, my third book – Deadly Darkness – is currently going through the editing process again. I had hoped to get it out before the end of 2012, but you know some plans work out. A virus took it, ate it up and didn’t spit it back out, sooooo…..

That being said, I am hoping to get it done and out very soon. I am also working on the fourth and final book – Deadly Destiny, which right now is going kind of slow, but it is progressing. My plan is to get both the third and fourth book out this year. I have plans to move on to other genre’s so we will see what this year brings.


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