Begin at the beginning…


“Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?”
Jane Austen,  Jane Austen’s Letters

Where should I begin? I love Jane Austen! In thinking about her and her seemingly sarcastic wit, I like to compare myself to her in some ways. She didn’t seem to care what others thought of her. She wrote and wrote, putting out beautiful literature that became more popular  years and years after she wrote it. Some didn’t like what she wrote. In reading quotes from Mark Twain especially, her writing didn’t seem to appeal to him at all. Maybe because it was romantic in nature, or it was because of the era in which it was written. Who knows? Either way, it appeals to me.

In one of my writing classes I had to write a short story that emulated an author of our choice, but use the modern era. I chose Jane. I used Pride and Prejudice as an idea. It turned out really well, was humorous and appealing, and I received great comments and a good grade on it. My wish is to write books that appeal to not only Young Adults, but the older set as well. The genre I write in, which is Paranormal/Romance, I know is read by all ages. Just because my key demographic is the Young Adult crowd, due to my characters’ ages, doesn’t mean that older ages can’t read it as well.

A lot of the Young Adult Paranormal books appeal to me as a reader and I have read many. I also know that some of the older crowd also read my books. I hope to appeal to all readers, young and old. My wish is to write even better novels in the future, ones that will be talked about for years to come.

I think this last novel in my series may be better than the first three, at least I hope so. The book is the culmination of all that has happened in the other ones. Destiny is achieved in so many ways. There are twists and turns, stories and secrets revealed, and another love story to rival the others. I hope that this one will turn some heads and have people talking about it. Wish me luck!


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