Writing that Readers Talk About

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I thought I would post some of the book covers of just a sample of the books I have read. Most are YA paranormal, but a few are Adult. I am usually pulled in by the cover, although not all the time. The cover and the description together usually do or for me. I rarely read reviews. I would rather judge a book myself rather than base it on how well someone else liked it or didn’t. In  all of the covers listed, I have read most if not the whole series of each. Some of the covers, like Lauren Kate’s covers, match my YA demographic. One of the main characters is female, it’s a dark type of paranormal and it involves a bit of romance.

For my own book covers, I looked on deviantart.com and Adobe Stock. It is not easy to find something that just pops out at you and fits with the type of book you want to write without spending hundreds of dollars for someone to create a cover. I didn’t want a photo, it’s too real looking, or a cartoon looking cover, because that is too fake. The photo-manipulation techniques these days fits the bill. It’s that in between grey area between real and unreal. Just the path I want to continue writing on.

I want everything about my book to appeal to readers. Not only the young crowd, but also the older. I want the description and the cover make a reader just give it a chance. Some will not like them, some will. It’s those that I write for, it’s those that I hope will give my book a chance. I am far from perfect as a writer, but I hope that in the future, my books will be talked about and remembered, like some of my favorite authors.



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