Dark Deaths


I was trying to find inspiration for this post and came across an article on Goodreads about the deaths of famous authors and how their deaths were weirder than fiction. I did know about Poe’s strange death, which wasn’t absolutely conclusive. “Congestion of the brain” isn’t exactly a certainty. It’s been debated whether it was actually poisoning or some other catastrophe that befell him. I find it interesting, though I have never done any research on him. He was a dark author, so I wonder if he was schizophrenic, seeing things or hearing voices.

Jacqueline Susann, author of Valley of the Dolls, didn’t have a creepy death. She died from cancer. What her husband did though was had her cremated and her urn was made from bronze and fashioned into the shape of a book. He placed it on the bookshelf right next to her novels.Kind of romantic huh?

Another weird one is Percy Bysshe Shelley’s death. Not so much the dying at sea part, but when he was to be cremated, his heart didn’t burn into ashes. Someone thought the heart should go to Mary, his wife, so it is said that she received it. Romantic? A testament to love perhaps? The heart surviving death only to be reunited with it’s love? Truthfully, it is believed that his heart had been calcifying for some time and that is what prevented it from burning. Weird?

I guess any kind of death that has some kind of weird story after it, like what the survivors do or how they react after will tell the story and add to the weirdness. I think out of all of them, Poe’s death is the more fascinating. Unexplained, vague or unknown circumstances tend to appeal to readers. The more bizarre the better. The fact that Poe’s writing was dark and made him more famous only added to the appeal.

Writing paranormal novels is not a hard thing to do. It seems like everyone is doing it these days. There is so much to work with. There are horror movies, novels being written left and right about dreams, or powers, or any number of things that can be labeled paranormal. Readers and movie watchers alike eat them up. I know I do.

It wasn’t hard to write my books. I had an idea in mind. It took just one sentence that popped into my head when I was half asleep and I wrote a four book series on it. Just one sentence. Sometimes that is all it takes. A vivid imagination helps push that along. I have scenes and stories flitting through my mind all the time. You just have to filter them out and focus on the one that you are dealing with currently. Like my fourth book. It’s not easy, believe me I know from experience.





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