There is a story behind this picture. A dark, creepy story. Have you ever seen a picture or read a small sentence and your mind just takes off creating a story? Have you have been half asleep, or just trying to think about nothing and a sentence of dialogue comes to you and you have to write it down or lose it? I have. Like I have mentioned before, my series was created from just one sentence. At that time, when I began, it was just one book. It took around a year to write it since I was working full-time. It ended up being over 600 pages.

It was a big accomplishment for me. There were holes and errors and any number of things that needed fixing, but I had done it. Then it was separated into 4 books. The first 3 actually having content and the 4th was just an idea. A lot of work went into the first 3. Filling in gaps in the storyline, adding a lot of content etc. It was hard work. The 4th is a work in progress since I had to start from scratch.

I never gave up though in that year that I was writing. The words seemed to flow out of me until I was done. My advice to anyone just starting out, don’t give up. It may be hard, but eventually, if there is a story, it will get written. All you need is just a sentence or a few words…or even just an idea. It doesn’t have to be a dark paranormal story. It can be a romantic comedy, or a biography of your life, or even a travel book, but it’s still a book that needs writing. Good luck!


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