What to write…

I have a hard time thinking of things to write on my blog. I am an author so you would think that I would talk about my work, my characters, progress of the final book, or just writing about things that appeal to my readers. When you have writer’s block and other things take up your time, it’s hard to get your mind off one thing and on to where it’s needed. So I think I will share something I wrote. It’s a little thought provoking, maybe a little dark, but emotional all the same. Enjoy!


Rain lashes against the glass, making the night outside look like a blurred photograph. Rivulets of water streaming down the cold, hard surface, soaking into the ground beneath. Lightning splits the sky and the lone tree planted in the yard bows under the onslaught, limbs reaching for the sky, seeming to beg in supplication for relief one minute and almost touching the ground in defeat the next.

The dark is overwhelming in its intensity and just when I think the darkness will eat everything in sight, the searing white light, the flash of almost painful brightness, makes the dark flinch away, if for only a moment. Then it is back again, grasping and chipping away at the light, invading, pillaging and spreading like a cancer.

I watch as the light and dark battle it out. The tree still standing, still fighting to stay grounded amidst the turmoil going on around it. The rain beats against the glass again; the dark swallows the world whole and then the bright light, causing me to shut my eyes against the almost otherworldly illumination. The light remains longer this time, beating back the pervading ink of blackness.

Then the heaviness, the overwhelming feeling of pressure, squeezing from the outside. The stress of choice; stay or go, fight or flight or buckle under the weight. The crack of sound that near splits the sky wide open and the choice again is the bright light of illuminating day and the cleansing wash of rain. The darkness moves back just a bit more, seeming to shrink in size at the power displayed.

I watch the tree sway under the push and pull. The darkness and the beating influence of the wind, trying to pull the tree out of the ground, roots and all. And then the light, pushing back the darkness and calming the wind; sending the rain to sooth and cleanse.

I then realize that I am that tree. Alone and trying to survive in this battle between darkness and light. The darkness is all consuming, yet not all the darkness seems dark. I know this is only an illusion, and the lie is in how effortless it is to follow.

The wind and rain finally calm until the limbs on the tree seem to be drooping in exhaustion. Then there is a parting of clouds and a shaft of light spears the darkness and lightly touches the leaves. I look to the sky where just moments before the angry bright slashes had erupted and now all I can see is the clouds being chased away.

I watch as the tree becomes completely enveloped in the bright, healing light. I can feel the warmth from my place behind the glass and I watch the tree.

The tree is me.

Sarah Dieng, Oct. 2014



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