John Henry Fuseli – The Nightmare –


If only having nightmares were as pretty as Fuseli’s painting, minus the demon horse and and ugly little demon sitting on her chest. Night terrors, nightmares, dreams, some may be scary, some terrifying, and others just dreams about nothing at all that are very weird in nature. The books I write have to do with my main character suffering from sometimes debilitating nightmares, ones that literally reach out and touch her, nearly killing her.

My 16 year-old character, Danielle, has lived many lives, but she doesn’t remember them. The memories only come back to her in her nightmares. Her soul-mate Alex has lived those lives as well, but he remembers them all. Some of them he never found her and others he would meet her and then lose her in death, then dying himself. There is a curse that has to be unraveled before they can live happily-ever-after. This is my goal in the last book of the series, unraveling the curse, finding the answers and allowing Danielle and Alex to live their happily-ever-after.

I am continually working on finishing the book. As I have said before, this book had to be written from scratch. There were only ideas on this one and no content, unlike the first three, which had content to work with from the original 600+ page book. There is a lot of history that had to be researched. One thing is different in this one, as of now, there are three parts to the book, one from each character. This one is going to be a long book. It has been suggested to me to separate it into 2 books, but truthfully, it wouldn’t be fair to readers to wait any longer. This last book is overdue and needs to get out, no matter the work or length of it.

Wish me luck and success!


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