I am NOT Perfect…

I’m sorry it has been so long since my last post. Life just throws you some major curve balls sometimes. I have come to realize that I am not perfect, in fact far from it. I knew this beforehand, but knowing it is different than saying it and then taking ownership of it. This fourth book has continued to be a challenge and the reason why, I have figured out, is that I was looking at the bigger picture. I was looking at the ending instead of focusing on where I am currently in the book. I knew that this book was going to be the largest volume of the set. It has three different parts to it. The first part is from Mitch’s perspective, the second from Alex, and the third is whoever the “new Danielle” is. I could probably write another four just with this last volume. However, I am not going to do that. I have decided to make each part into it’s own book. Different covers, different titles, etc. The Deadly Destiny cover and title will probably stay the same, but I haven’t decided on that one yet.

My sister brought to my attention a TED Talk interview with Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) and she got me thinking. Since she is also my beta reader/editor and part of my support group, I listened to her talk about it, then I watched it and took it to heart.

He said, “If you are an artist or a human being and you have a craft or whatever it is that you strive for in your life, do not let the idea of being perfect stop you from just creating or doing whatever it is that you do. That is why we are here, to make stuff. Go out and make stuff and be happy doing it and don’t worry about it being perfect just create because you love to do it” (Macklemore: Don’t Let Perfection Stop You, TEDxPortland).

There are writer’s out there struggling with the first words, or the last. Trying to make everything perfect for the reader. You know, sometimes it’s not going to be perfect, in fact, most of the time it may not be. You will get people who will review that they don’t like the book because there are typos or bad punctuation. When you self-publish, some things may be missed unless you hire a professional. If you are just starting out, like I am, we don’t have the money to hire an editor. Heck even having several books out there hasn’t netted me the money to hire an editor.

Like I have said before, before I self-published I did some research and Amanda Hocking’s name kept coming up. I wanted to be like her, sell thousands of books, quit my job and become a full time author. But again, I have come to realize that I can’t be anybody but myself and persistence is the key. I struggle with that constantly. I admire her and what she has done and I would like to eventually get where she it at today, but I have to keep moving, keep plodding along and keep writing. If it’s good, keep it. If it’s bad, throw it out and start over.

In closing, if you get a chance, please watch the Macklemore interview, it is very inspiring to hear what he went through to get to where he is today. Thank you for all your support!

Macklemore: Don’t Let Perfection Stop You, TEDxPortland




2 thoughts on “I am NOT Perfect…

  1. Love this Sarah!! I’ve had s me road blocks myself with my writing, blog and life in general since graduation. You are not alone and us writers must stick together. My issue is finding a good writing routine. I try and read a lot as well. My other laptop also broke so I had to save for a new one so I will be updating more very soon!! 🙂 if you ever need a new ear, do not hesitate to write me! Are you still taking classes at snhu?

    • Thanks! I am heading into the homestretch. After this term I am going to apply for my Masters. I am going to try and take a little break though. I graduate in March with my BA. Yes, life does throw those curves! Good luck!

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